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Dog Car Seat Cover With Orange Storage Pockets

The SIDE-FLAPS offer full protection for the car doors, preventing from dog scratching on leather bench or car doors when staying on the car seat cover . Side flaps plus front flap around bench seat cover for dogs makes your bench seats end from muddy. Fourfold reinforced design for durability and comfortability, protecting the back seat from scratches, dirt, dander, and spills, keeping your car tidy. Our dog car seat cover has a large coverage for vehicles, which will protect car seat very well. Not only for pets, large dogs and cats but also for cargo. At the same time, it is also a great gift for friends and family.

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Dog Car Seat Cover With Orange Storage Pockets

Individual Packing: 

12.9*9.8*3.5 inch(33*25*9cm)

Carton Size(12pieces): 

23.6*13.7*17.72 inch(60*35*45CM)

Single Weight :1.6kg

Gross Weight/Ctn: 16kg

Net Weight/Ctn: 17kg

EXW Price/USD:9

MOQ/Pcs :1

Compatible with Vehicle: 

Small - Compatible with Compact and Midsize Cars

Regular - Compatible with Standard Size Cars, SUVs, Crossovers and Small Trucks

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