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Foreign trade merchandiser


Release Date:2022/04/29



Description of job

Work content:

1、Responsible for export order tracking, documentation, logistics, and various content involved in documentary work;

2、Fulfill orders, including follow-up of order progress, booking, transportation and customs declaration, etc.;

3、Follow up on proofing, production, quality, and delivery;

4、Communication and convergence between departments.

Job requirements

job requirements:

1College degree or above;

2International economics and trade, business English and other related majors;

31More than one year working experience in foreign trade clerk, home textile, household, daily necessities, groceries and other related industries are preferred;

4CET-4 or above, good ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing, English can be used as a working language, proficiency in other minor languages is preferred;

5Have communication and coordination skills, adaptability, planning and execution capabilities.

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